The American Dream 2.0

The American Dream 2.0

The American Dream 2.0

It was cold and raining heavily and under the Bank of America sign just happened to be a homeless man, two undocumented workers and a manager of a fast food restaurant.

I see the homeless man there everyday and I recognized the two un-documented workers from my neighborhood and I overheard the fast food manager complaining about his crappy day on the train beside me. Did I mention it was a downpour? LOL….

So my wife pulled up to the station to pick me up and I grabbed a sandwich bag from the trunk ( don’t ask, I have two small children, it was pure dumb luck) covered my camera and began shooting them. My intent was to shoot the homeless man only under the Bank of America sign, in the rain. However, I couldn’t believe my luck when these 4 gentlemen all just happened to be there trying to get out of the rain the same time.

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