Turning something old into something new.

1/50th second
F Stop: 5.6
ISO: 800
Nikon D300
Models: Anais and Lesh

To be honest, this isn’t rocket science. I saw this page on FB where the theme was “Fantasy Forrest”. I knew I took this boring photograph a couple of years ago. So turning it from a poorly edited and quirky lesbian love photograph  into a Fantasy Forrest  shouldn’t be too hard..right?

The new concept was Fantasy Forrest and let’s be honest. That tree with a blanket thrown over it is an eye sore. I have absolutely NO idea what I was thinking at that time. The two fairies are straddling something so I knew it had to be another tree (sans blanket) or I should go for it with a unicorn. The problem was that the models and perspective was too large to show the entire unicorn. ( I didn’t want to spend a lot of time on this one).

So I erased the tree from underneath them, I found a “fantasy horse” and put the girls layer on top of the horse layer, changed the perspective of the horse a little.. and BLAM! A new concept was created. There was a lot of blank space underneath the horse so I copied the original layer, dragged it down so the girls heads disappeared but the woods remained. Some cloning, and blending with the blur tool and blemishes tool and voila!

Then I just changed the levels to match more so it was even and I added a gradient filter to the top to make it deeper and give it some more depth. Since it was a fantasy photograph, I decided to add a lot of thick blurring to it to make it look less real and more fantasy.

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