She arose from her throne a Goddess

She arose from her throne a Godess.

This is an image from a conceptual series called Ancient Desires.

Speed: 1/10th

ISO: 200

F/Stop: 7.5

The location was an abandoned building that I saw driving down the road, in the middle of a park. It was located in a very old section of Philadelphia so I thought it could hold some real potential. I wanted to shoot early to avoid the harsh noon day sun, however, this location was actually VERY shady. So I waited until noon to shoot this and used a large golden reflector to pump light in there and to warm up her skin.

I used my Nikon D300 on a tripod. ( The speed was extremely slow to compensate for the shady area) I put the camera on a ten second timer and I ran  back and forth between the shots to hold the reflector.

I know these settings are insane but I really wanted to capture as much natural beauty as I could, therefore I didn’t want to use a flash. The entire shoot was really old fashioned in a sense, although the editing was obviously high tech. LOL…



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