Poetic Photography

Model: Lesh Carter


By Damali

Facing the pain of doubt that you ever were who you said you were

A stranger made love to my soul

Bewildered by your lies, your deceits, your fame

Erotic thoughts molesting my brain

To busy tantric-ally ejaculating

To realize or accept that you were emasculating

This wasn’t  BDSM…bitch this was plain old pain!

Who the fuck are you????

What happened to that sweet smile?

When did you learn to give head like that?

Where does the real you reside…. Chasing down dreams of stardom

Or raising our children…right here…right now…by my side?

Our home is ravaged by your facial dualities

It’s a war between your two-faced personalities

Where the kids and I are the only real casualties

You only speak two truths…lies and fallacies


When you walk out that door, I’m all alone


When you walk through that door, I’m all alone

Because I just don’t know who the fuck…..you are…..






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