Blaque Stallion

Blaque Stallion

I know it’s been a while since my last post. I apologize. I haven’t been shooting as  much lately. I have to take a break to finish my book, based on the Fairies and Vampires series, that I posted last time. The book is coming along fantastic and I am really excited about it.

Meanwhile, I really need to keep my shooting chops up, so I offered to shoot my college classmate who is interested in doing some modeling. She really didn’t think she had what it took to do this, so I offered to show her just how sexy and incredible she is. This was her very first photo-shoot! She left feeling very secure, confident, and ready to take on another shoot very soon.

I hope you enjoy this photograph half as much as I enjoyed shooting her. There is nothing like breaking in a virgin huh?? LMAO…

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3 comments on “Blaque Stallion”

  1. Since you left OGB, I have only been able to keep up with your style of creativity via your blog posts.
    The image in this post is “poster ready” and you should do a series of “Brown, Bronze and Bold Beauties” keep it classy and inviting. Don’t push the envelope, but let our imaginations push it…
    You can do it. I know you can…


  2. Great idea!
    I have to finish the book I started based off of your last suggestion. It was supposed to be just a short, story, now the book by accident is turning into a “Novella”. I can’t stop the creative flow of this one. This book really wants to be born and I haven’t been shooting that much at all lately because of it.

    Your ideas are great but perhaps, just a little too great? LMAO!!!
    I can’t wait to forward you the rough draft. This novel is going to have fine art photography that is based off of the story to give the reader a beautiful and sexy visual component to go with the story. It’s been my new labor of love.

  3. Ok. I will hold back on the ideas, as not to distract you. Lol

    You know how to reach me….

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