Is Damali the Sexiest Fashion Photographer?

A fashion shoot for Savoir De Carnal Clothing.

I gave this photograph  this crazy headline for one reason only. I want certain people to know that I am not afraid of shooting sexy fashions.  I have been catching a lot of flack from religious groups and even my mother accused me of being “amoral” at Christmas dinner.

It drives me insane! It’s the human body! Why did I have to be bombarded with so many negative remarks over a nipple showing in one of my art photos? A nipple! We all have two of them, men and woman alike. Why are nipples such a provocative and “dirty” thing?

I have nothing personal against religion but these bible thumpers need to back the hell up off of me. I respect people’s religious beliefs. However, I disagree with allowing the bible to make me feel ashamed of my body or allowing it to make me feel as though anything to do with the human body is dirty.

Sex is not dirty! We all have sex, all of the time. It feels great, brings us closer to ones we love and gives us the greatest gifts in the universe. Our beautiful kids. So leave me alone about sex and nipples. I create  sexy imagery! That’s my twist. I’m NOT a pervert, I’m not a creepy voyeur. I’m an artist who is in love with the female form. So I am not ashamed or afraid to explore it.


I hope you enjoy my textured fashion shot. I love this outfit and I loved designing it, and I love watching and shooting models wearing my designs.


3 comments on “Is Damali the Sexiest Fashion Photographer?”

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  2. • The photo:
    The mask and hood creates an illusion of imbalance.
    • The statement:
    With regard to the imbalance of the image, your reasons and remarks validate the image.
    This may have been a subliminal I’ve on your part, but as you know how we do, I look beneath the surface of your work. I don’t judge it as others do, but will criticize it with hope and intent of growth.
    I have learned that if I tear a man down, I am obligated to rebuild him – to make him better, or an improved version of himself from who he was, before the restructuring began.
    • I understand your path and purpose:
    Shock value is your approach, versus the care (or lack thereof) of perception or how people think you are, want you to be for their own satisfaction when it comes to your work. Their opinions are rattled in a tight cage and used to create more stimulating works.
    • Translation:
    Do You!


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