African Pearl

African Pearl

Title: African Pearl
Model: Jameka Gordon

This was an experimental shoot using textures. I really wanted to capture that vintage film look as much as possible. The concept was supposed to be Gordon Parks meets Jame Van Derzee shooting with a Lomo camera.

Speed: 1/50
ISO: 200
App: F/5
Camera: Nikon D70
Two: 300 watt heat lamps

As you can see by my technical description of the shot. I used an older camera and old lights to capture the look as much as possible.  In Photo Shop I added a “Fresco” texture to it, a splash of color and a thick and heavy vignette.

3 comments on “African Pearl”

  1. I like the concept. Do you have this concept in different poses and also in black and white?

  2. Yes I do!
    In order to get this Sepia tone to maintain it’s textured look, I created a black and white of this photograph first. I will post it shortly.

  3. The black and white photograph is posted.

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