Nude Self Portrait

The future of reality TV ?

Well, nobody hates being in front of a camera more than me. In fact? The word abhor really comes to mind. I had a model do a “no-call no-show” on me and I was REALLY BORED! I have been heavily criticized as of late by my beloved mother about all of the nudes I shoot. In fact, she claims that I have little to no morals and wonder’s where she went wrong with raising me.

So, I decided to make a self-portrait where I made a real statement, posed nude, and hopefully make people laugh by showing them a real part of my personality and not just the “Damali” personae. It astounds me how many people think that I have no sense of humor and I am always serious, when the truth is that I love to laugh and I have the wildest sense of humor that I know.

I call this photograph ” Reality TV” and it’s my satirical look at how at the rate in which we are going with reality TV in the United States ? TV shows like Basket Ball Wives, The Bachelor, American Idol, etc?  I think a sexy interactive version of them are probably within the very near future.


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