Maternity- Infinite Possibility

Only a woman can offer the world..The Hope of infinite possibility.

Title: Infinite Possibility
Models: Chante Monique & Levi

I created this last night as I was editing a pretty standard maternity photograph. (The Pose) It dawned on me just how beautiful and powerful women really are. In her womb, her son, could become a President of the US, cure cancer, bring about world peace. Women are the only ones, who can bring to the world at least the Hope of Infinite Possibility. So my entire poem, is that one line and this is going to be in my poetry and photography book that I am working on.

I never realized how much artistic joy  maternity photography is. While most mother’s to be are nowhere near as open-minded and artistically spiritual as this model Chante is to explore creative concepts? It was just a lot of fun creating them together and watching a fairly new photography genre become more expressive and artistic. I also did this alter ego maternity photo shoot with Chante.

Single Mom maternity shoot

A maternity Alter Ego called Single Mother.

This photograph is inspired and meant as a statement for all of the single mothers out here in this world. I love “alter ego” styled  photography and this one made quite a stir when I published it. It appears that they are NOT a lot of alter ego styled maternity photographs out here on the internet. In fact, when I researched this concept? I found none.  I really hope more photographers take up this plight to make maternity photography larger and more creative. There are so many concepts that we can do with maternity photography that needs exploration.


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