Alter Ego Maternity

A maternity Alter Ego.

This maternity series ( one of about 5) is called “Single Mother“. I never really seen an alter ego maternity shot before so I needed to call in the modeling “big guns” to pull it off. Even though she is due in a few weeks? We shot for over 5 hours and she didn’t complain ONCE!! Most of my models complain a lot after 2 hours and they are not pregnant…LMAO!!

I am working on a poetry book that I am shooting Fine Art imagery to associate with it. My goal is to give my poetry a strong visual component to it so that my words have a greater impact.

I won’t lie, the desire to do a more unique maternity shoot was very much on my mind. For example, most maternity shoots have the father and mother doing these poses. ( I have two more alter egos coming)  The posing itself is not very original and in my opinion very cliché. Since there are millions of single mothers out here?  Why shouldn’t we show single mothers loving their un-born child as much as the traditional two parent homes? Therefore, I came up with the concept of an alter ego maternity shoot for single parents. I hope that  it catches on. I would love to see more unique and greater conceptualized alter ego maternity shoots from other photographers out here better than me.

If you are one of those aforementioned photographers and you try one of these? Please let me know and send me a photo so that I can post it here on my blog. Send them to


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