Pulling our hair

Pulling Hair

This is another example of what I call my Artistic Sensuality style of photography. This photograph was shot with one strobe, one reflector, and a full wall mirror. I have a black backdrop behind the couch and because very little light is aimed at the background because of the barn doors and grid it gives the photo a very dark background. I love Philadelphia, however, we have very little opportunity to show the beauty of the female form without a plethora of religious zealots, or old fashioned Victorian moralities. Even my own mother recently called me “amoral” in a very matter of fact fashion. While I personally have no beef with religion directly. I do have an issue in the way they teach it’s followers to be ashamed of their bodies. The female form is absolutely phenomenal. There is nothing on this planet more beautiful. Every body loves and wants to be loved. This photograph while sexy, is not just sex. This photograph shows two people in sensual embrace and exchanging emotional content. Mixing these kind of emotions with the female form should override our idiotic sexual hang ups and self loathing ideologies taught to us by religions.

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