Fashion Show

RAW Fashion Show

I do not talk about it very much but I’m not only a photographer but I am also a clothing designer. I recently had a fantastic fashion show in Philadelphia called “Raw“.  I partnered with Stone Temple Creations master fashion jeweler, El Poeta, and we created visual feast for the eyes in sensuality, sex appeal, and of course, FASHION.

Philadelphia is far from a fashion powerhouse. I think we have to shed our “working class” sensibilities, and embrace the business and artistic side of fashion. I really enjoyed creating high fashion ready to wear clothing.  I love women and my favorite part of a woman are her hips. So I design my clothing to accentuate that more than the usual tits & ass.  I think if my fashions don’t offend a little? That I am doing something terribly wrong.

If you would like to see more backstage photos of the event in its entirety, just click on the photo. Then please, come back here and comment, let me know what you really think?

Sexy Fashions

Alida wearing jewelry by El Poeta and a fur bikini/skirt by Damali for Insatiable Art-wear.

You can also see a video of my girls and guys strutting at  the show below.


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