Fantasy: Dance of the Midnight Fairies

Dance of the Midnight Fairies.

Title: Dance of the Midnight Fairies
MUA: Rasheedah Rice
Models: Anais Vargas and Leesh
A collaboration between myself and Jeff Ross

I cannot begin to describe just how much I love the way this photograph came out. I have been a fan of fantasy photography for years and when the opportunity arose to work with one of the industries greatest graphic artists? I leaped at the opportunity and I haven’t look back yet!

I encourage every photographer to attempt to create a collaborative piece of art. Fantasy photography is a lot of fun to watch coming into reality. Fantasy photography bridges that gap between the reality of every day life and that magic we all deep down inside still hope exists on some level.

Witnessing a raw concept that I conceived on the drive over to pick up the models, turn into two models leaping in the air with fairies wings affixed to their backs in the middle of a clearing in some woods, then some editing on my part and then simply giving that photograph to an amazing talent such as Jeff Ross and as if he can read your mind, creates that perfect fantasy blend of  reality ( modern-day beach walkway) and fantasy ( everything else) is breath-taking. From the moon, to the dunes, to the stars, to the fairies swirling in magical lights. This fantasy photograph is a beautiful work of art. A work of art that I am proud to have been a part of!



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