Artistic Sensuality

Love & Intimacy

Title: Love & Intimacy
MUA: Rasheedah Rice
Models: Danielle Jones en Damali Abena

This photograph is so damn beautiful to me on so many levels. Yesterday’s shoot was just plain magical to me.

I am posting this photograph based on popular demand. Once again, I was in a heated discussion about the difference between my Artistic Sensuality Photography and eroticism. Once again, I believe it is the level of mystery. I also believe that it is the kind emotions you have the subjects evoke.

This photograph shows two women, one nude and the other model is partially nude. Their nude bodies are entwined in a very sexually suggestive manner. However, I instructed them NOT to look sexual at all in their faces but more like “sisters”. Touch each other like “sisters” and NOT like lovers.  The reason being that I really wanted to capture the tenderness and emotional connection between lovers  and not the physical “lust”.  If you look at my photograph even though the way I described it in the beginning sounds very sexually suggestive. The truth is that when you look at it? It doesn’t feel overly sexual, it doesn’t even look that overly sexual. Once you get over the initial girl on girl “lesbian” shock of the photo? It looks more like love than sex. You become drawn into their faces more than what their bodies are doing. ( You definitely have to focus on the face more than the bodies)

Whenever I shoot my signature “Sensual Glamorous Photography”, I really try for it to be 90% emotional and 10% sexual. The formula creates Sensual Glamorous images. If you ever try and shoot this style, please share it with me and the rest of my readers.  we would love to see it!!


2 comments on “Artistic Sensuality”

  1. Why were you in any debate about your work? There should be no debate as to what is or isn’t “assign LABLE here”
    Our work is like people: “there somebody for everybody.” And each relationship, or perspective in this matter, is both unique and personal for THEIR reasons.
    I think the question to those who oppose your style is: WTF are you doing that’s either better by standards that will enlighten you OR it them with the cliche of all cliches:
    “If you don’t like my apples, don’t shake my tree.”
    DO YOU!

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