Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Title: Three Shades of Pink

MUA: Rasheedah Rice

Model: Anais Aldea-Vargas

This post and photo is simple and to the point. Be aware that this was Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Love yourself and get your mammogram completed. There are more women in this world than men because you are by far more important and treasured. Mankind  cannot afford to lose any of you. Early detection is the best defense. I created this photograph just as a gentle reminder of your beauty, grace and critical need.





3 comments on “Breast Cancer Awareness Month”

  1. […] Breast Cancer Awareness Month ( […]

  2. […] As an unfortunate result of the hard work and genuine good deeds for breast cancer awareness, we now have controversial billboard ads and flagrantly inappropriate fundraisers  that focus on saving “boobs”, not lives. Those groups and individuals sexualized cancer to the point where we forget that it’s not about young, beautiful women and we are now pummeled with objectifying – yet well-intended (?) suggestive pictures. […]

    • I agree but only to a point.
      If you are in crowded room and there is a fire next door. Do you casually mention with class or even with a little urgency in a soft talking voice. ” Excuse me ladies and gentlemen… there appears to be a fire next door”. Or if you want to save as many lives as possible Do you scream at the top of your lungs ” Hey! Everybody!!! Get the F*CK out there is a fire next door!! ”

      This photograph was designed to capture your attention, to listen to the message. Like it caught yours. If this had been just a sweet middle-aged housewife from Iowa, would anybody even stop to see the photograph long enough to read the message? I think not..

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