X Ray Photography

This is another example of X-Ray Photography Editing

A new and exciting hobby of mine is X-Ray Photography editing.  That is when you take a photo with the subject wearing sheer or semi sheer material. By manipulating the levels, colors, contrasts, and graphically enhancing shadows with Dodge and Burn tools, you can see through a subjects’s clothing. In this case, I chose Sarah Palin because I was told that nobody has ever seen Sarah Palin’s breasts.

Sarah Palin Before & After


I am really interested in this also because of the ethical questions it presents. Is X-Ray photography ethical? Is it obtrusive? Is it illegal?  Tell me what you think?

Because the process has nothing to do with adding anything and is simply just manipulation of shadows and light? There should be nothing illegal about it. Ethically, I have little to no opinion on the rights of celebrities. Marketing or promotions is their life blood. Their failure to control certain aspects of it such as this should not be the responsibility of the media.  Again..any thoughts?


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