Dark Surrealism

Slow Suicide – A dark surrealistic Alter Ego shot. The only color in this photograph is the hypodermic needle in her arm filled with blood.

This is a concept that I had been toying with for a while. I actually have two other versions of this. However, when my daughters ( the two young ladies standing on the table in the back) saw me editing the deceased girl and her angelic ghost. They strongly suggested that I try using one of their photographs with them in it. Naturally, my first thought was ” Oh these girls just want their photo posted”. However, I gave it some more thought and I realized that it just might add that slight over the top surreal darkness I was going for, having to children standing up in the shadows in the background. Well, as much as I hate to admit it? My two annoying ass beauties were absolutely correct. The deceased and angel were both modeled by my usual muse Danielle Jones.

The reason why I love this photograph so much is because of all of the hands that were involved in it, directly and indirectly. For example, the photo of my babies was taken about 2 years ago with a Nikon D70 one Sunday afternoon.  I shot Danielle two years later. The angel was shot about 8 months ago and the deceased was shot about 4 months ago.  The booze bottle, candle and death-dealing hypodermic needle were all separate photos taken from off the internet.

I have this theory about “painting” a photograph with different photographs. This is the first one  of what I hope to be many new ones composed with this concept. ” Painting one large picture with a bunch of other ones.”


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