Green Screen Photography

Green Screen and Nudity, transform a boring catalog shot into an edgy Fashion Shot!

Green Screen or Chroma-Green Photography is a form of photography called Composite Photography. This is a widely popular form of photography that dated back to about 4 years after photographs were first taken. Per the blog Ethics in Editing, ”

“The history of doctoring photographs dates back to the 1860s, only a few decades after Niepce created the first photograph in 1814, photographs were already being manipulated. The nearly iconic portrait of U.S. President Abraham Lincoln is a composite of Lincoln’s head and the Southern politician John Cahoun’s body.”

Abraham Lincoln classic photo

In the classic Lincoln Photo, it’s actually Lincoln’s head on Calhoun’s body. Just like the Oprah and Ann-Margaret fiasco.

Shoot: Damali Catalog & Fashion Shoot for Savoir De Carnal

Models: Kali and Javeena Green

MUA: Danielle Jones

Location: Drexel University Theater in Philadelphia

Brown Skin

Javeena Green wearing a Savoir De Carnal bikini

For this shoot, I experienced a horrendous amount of production set-backs from my PA not showing up at all, the MUA experiencing equipment issues, travel coordination issues, and the entire shoot was about 2 or 3 hours behind schedule.  I rented a theater for this shoot to give me a central location for all of the production crew and subjects. We only had the theater for 5 hours and we were starting 3 hours late. That only gave me microscopic amount of time to pull this shoot off. So instead of setting up a fancy and well-balanced lighting plan, I grabbed some work lights for the green screen and used strobes to light the subject.  The entire shoot itself only lasted about 15 minutes, so neither the models nor I were really able to get into that zone of shooting where everything you take begins to look golden.  I ended up taking about 100 frames total, between the two models.  I shot about 25 individual photos of each model, 40 frames together, and about 10 frames each with a failed attempt to shoot them as flying fairies. ( Long story, for another blog..LOL)

I am going to show you examples of how you can kill two birds with one stone when it comes to putting together a marketing campaign for a designer.  Through the art of composite photography, I am going to show you how you can take one normal “catalog” photo shoot and turn it into a catalog photo shoot AND possibly a “Look Book” fashion photo shoot.  (I was actually planning on taking this one photo shoot and turn it into 3 projects. The third project being content for a graphic short story that I was working on at the time)

Catalog Photo shoot Example:

Savoir De Carnal catalog photo

“Tantalize” for Savoir De Carnal – Models: Kali and Javeena.

In the photo above, these two young models Kali & Javeena, were shot together in front of an ordinary Green Screen.

The photo below shows you how I used the green screen and turned it into a pretty cool and standard looking “Catalog” shot.  I completed about 30 frames edited in this manner to maintain consistency and this section of their catalog was considered by the Fashion House to be their favorites.

Before and After Green Screen

(Same Shoot, same lighting, same background for Catalog but edited for Fashion Look Book)

“Sunny Nights” for Savoir De Carnal: Javeena Green model

These are photos from that same technical and ill-fated photo shoot for the catalog. Thanks to the art of Chroma-Green Composite Photography, this photo was edited into a sexy and visually stunning fashion shot.  The background photo was procured from a FB friend of mine who has a thing for moons.

Seen at the top of the blog

Nude and Bikini shot

As you can see, I turned one of the worst technical photo shoots that I had ever been a part of and because I had planned from the start to turned one photo shoot into several different projects, the boundless amount of creative possibilities that green screen photography offers you, can create a much more cost-effective and efficient use of your time, and resources.


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