Art of Sensuality

Shades of Chocolate by Neo Samo

Maybe it’s because we’re American and much like our love for that poison we ingest called fast food, we want our cravings gratified immediately.  Maybe because we’re American and have adopted the philosophy of quantity is much more important than quality, we have turned our backs to the arts.  I really am not sure what the problem is. The only thing I am sure about is that art requires creativity. In order to achieve true sensuality one must embrace the concepts of creativity, otherwise, there is an art to sensuality.  I wanted to share what I thought were some amazingly sensual and creative photographs by other photographers who have done a splendid job of capturing just that.

Lady Adena- A portrait of Artistic Sensuality.

This photo was taken by a photographer named Paul; AKA Isofiend from Deptford, NJ. This is a photo of a dear friend of mine named Lady Adena. What makes this photograph so sensual and artistic is his use of shadows, ultra-soft controlled lights and muted warm hues. This photograph was shot in a portrait style which instantaneously gave it elements Paul chose to illuminate the backdrop as to give the subject some distance and separation from the backdrop. Paul also chose to softly illuminate one half of the subject with filtered lights, the other half he chose to leave as a silhouette. This gave the subject Lady Adena, an air of mystery about her which just screams sensuality. Even though you cannot see her face, or her emotions, the lighting conveyed all of those emotions for you.

Model: Lady Adena

Photographer: ISOFIEND

You can find more of ISOFIENDS work here at:

London Andrews by Chi Rue.

In my opinion, this photograph is the perfect example of artful sensuality shot in the polar opposite of the photo above by ISOFIEND.  This photograph by Chi Rue of San Francisco is of one of my fave plus sized models in the world, London Andrews. Mr. Chi Rue did not use shadows to artfully capture sensuality; he used a strong S Curve pose, lots of movement and tons of lighting.  Now, there was some shadows on the right side of the subject to give it contrast, however, the majority of the sensuality in this photograph is in the focus of her face, especially her eyes. It’s almost as if Mr. Chi Rue lit her for a “Head Shot” and then “Glam Shot” the lighting for the rest of it.  The fact that London is nude almost seems tertiary in the scope of the sensuality. That is what makes this photograph such an amazing example of artistic sensuality. Please note; how London is nude but not completely. The draping covers just enough to cause some mystery and reveals enough to show you that she is nude.

Model: London Andrews

Photographer: Chi Rue from San Francisco

J Lynn Harris showing the artistic and sensual side of shadows.

This is such a beautiful capture.  Shot by a photographer that I have met 2 or 3 times at various Philadelphia fashion functions, Darryl “D-Scan” Savage is considered to be one of the best. I also have been lucky enough to meet J Lynn Harris the model on more than one occasion also and I am a big fan of both of their work.

This is a fine example of a totally nude photograph that is still artistically sensual more than sexual. Darryl achieved this combination of techniques from the previous two examples above. In this photograph, artistically sensuality was attained through strong and dramatic lighting, strong and dramatic shadowing a perfect S –curve pose and focus on her face. The artistic difference in posing between J Lynn’s face and London’s face is how Darryl posed J Lynn so her face is angled for a profile, by simply tilting her head and illuminating from above.

If you haven’t noticed, one of the most repetitive features behind artistically sensual photographs is the air of mystery. Something on the subject should be hidden.  Although J Lynn is completely nude? Her hands covering her nipples is a layer of mystery, the angle of her hips so that you cannot see full frontal nudity, is a layer of mystery. The final touch is the photographer’s use of shadows to cover her nudity. Too much for a silhouette and clearly not fully lit, the shadows add the last and final layer of covering to cause an air of mystery. This is really a very brilliant photograph!

Model: J Lynn Harris

Photographer: Darryl “D-Scan” Savage of Norristown PA.

Two women in sensual embrace

Shades of Chocolate by Neo Samo

This photograph was the inspiration for this entire post. This is a photograph taken by a photographer from Tampa, Florida named Neo Samo. The models are named Bianca LaShawn and Brooke Mitchell. I am friends with Brooke Mitchell (The model on the right) so I might be a wee bit prejudice. However, in my humble opinion, this photograph is the absolute perfect example of what I call “Artistic Sensuality”.

At face value, a photograph such as this is usually labeled as either being “erotic” or “fine art”. For mainstream photography, that might be true. For artists such as myself who have serious issues with such huge and un-clarified sweeping compartmentalizations such as these, I have to fine tune this interpretation and give it the name it deserves, “Artistic Sensuality”.

Neo Samo did a flat out perfect job of taking the elements of artistic sensuality and using them in the creation of this artwork. Neo Samo used elements from all three of the above examples to achieve this photograph.  Starting with the first photo above, you can see how he used and manipulated shadows, ultra-soft lighting and muted hues to achieve warmth. Like the photo with London above, Neo used movement to create artistic sensuality. Now, I know some of you are wondering what the hell does Damali mean by movement? Neo Samo in a borderline genius creation of composition, used implied sexual movement between the two models. While we see no actual movement between them, it is somehow implied that there is. Then Neo Samo posed them in symmetrical S-curve poses. Hand and leg placements coupled with strong shadows covered enough of their nudity to create that air of mystery that is probably the most important element in artistic sensuality. The sharp contrast between the two model’s skin tones completes the entire visualization of artistic sensuality.  All of the elements to artistic sensuality used in one photograph.

Models: Brooke Holmes

Photographer: Neo Samo of Tampa Fl.

I would LOVE to hear your opinions on these photos and/or my comments. Please hit me back and lets dialogue?

2 comments on “Art of Sensuality”

  1. Great article. This should be (or should have been) on OGB.

    • Suggestion: ” I am sure that to achieve true sensuality one must embrace the concepts of creativity. Thus, there is an art to sensuality.”

    • Consider: “In order to achieve true sensuality one must embrace the concepts of creativity, otherwise, there is an art to sensuality.”

    Thank you k/d/morris

    ‘It’s easy to be a leader. It’s harder to be trusted.’ – k/d/morris (poet) 2011

  2. Thanks KD! I will make the changes today!

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