Got Milk


Got Milk ?

Model: Danielle Jones

MUA: Danielle Jones

Concept: Damali

Photographer: Damali of Damali Conceptuals


One of my greatest photographic inspirations has been the works of Helmut Newton.

Helmet Newton Nude

A Helmet Newton nude.

 My other greatest inspiration has been Gordon Parks.  

big Mamma

Big Mamma

This photo of Big Momma was right after she scalded her abusive husband and left him. The  dichotomy of the despair of the mother and the bright-eyed innocence of the child has become a classic. The child later on grew up to become the man we know today as the legitimate king of Rock and Roll “Little Richard” . 

On the surface, you would think that these two photographers are polar opposites artistically. On the surface? I would agree. However, their differences to me are surface only. The  elements that bound them together in my eyes and their real genius lies within their core beliefs as artists. Both of these incredible photographers shot without bounds. Both of these incredible photographers shot without limits. Both of the incredible photographers cared more about their art then who or what the public perceived of them. Neither one of these photographers ever played it safe.

I hope to begin transitioning from my current status of a good and safe photographer to where my heart really lives and that is where these two guys are. “Got Milk” is just the first of many photography shoots going forward where I will explore my heart. “Got Milk” felt free to me.  Even if it might be perceived as a little dirty or too sexual or as one my recent critics put it..” looks like you’re reaching” .

Helmut Newton had a saying that I plan on adopting as my new mantra with photography.

“There is nothing I hate more than good taste. For me, good taste is a dirty word.”

Helmut Newton



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