Sexy Fine Art


A sexy Fine Art Photograph Concept of Sigmund Freud’s Psychological structure of the human mind.

Model: Lesh Carter

Nikon D300
F-Stop 7.1
Speed: 1/100 sec.
ISO: 200
Focal L.: 100 mm
Location: Damali Conceptuals Studios

I will break down all three photos separably to understand where my head was with this concept.



This photo represents the ID of the human psyche. So it needed to be more sexual and instinctual. Lesh’s eyes begs for sexual gratification which is based on the pure instinct to breed.



This photo is supposed to be the ego of the human psyche. I personally believe that the ego is the foundation for the duality in man, thus the mask. The ego is supposed to be reality based but since perceptions are greater than reality? That causes the duality.

Super Ego

This photo represents the Super-Ego. The moral center of our human psyche. That is why she has her back turned, she is looking shy, and wearing panties with her legs visibly covered.







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