Surrealism Photography


Surreal Photography:

Title: Love Thyself

MUA: Zen Aura

Model: Zen Aura

This was a super fun shoot that I did with a belly dancer named Zen Aura. Zen Aura is one of the most beautiful women on the planet AND she looks beautiful too.  She is so full of life and happiness that it forces you to love being around her.

Now, I am on this new kick in photography, where I believe that “Dancers” would make better models, than just models. Their lines are straighter and smoother. Their movements are more fluid. They have incredible shapes and stamina. Plus, they can put their bodies into positions that most models just flat out cannot handle.

This photograph is an alter ego style photograph that I told a story with. Meaning that one model played all of the roles in this photograph.  The “coolest” thing about this photograph to me is how I chose to use “light” instead of shadow to cover parts of her body. It is the total opposite of how photography is usually done. I used normal exposures and over-exposures to achieve this.

Let me know what you think of this new style?


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