Photography with Black Backdrops

There is something sensual about darkness

Fine Art

MUA: Danielle Jones

Models: Chanté & Pam

I love the subtle sensuality of shooting with black back drops. In my opinion, when shooting a model  or models in this case, with black backdrops, and a turned up Aperture? You can almost guarantee some great shots will come out of it. I used three lights for this shot, (which I rarely do) however, the best ones to me are with one or two lights tops.

Kiss me girl

Sensuality in darkness and shadows

This is the same photo as the top photo. The only difference is that when I edited this photo, I added a gradient which made it even darker. However, there is something really sexy and ethereal about all of this darkness and over-abundance of shadows.

Try shooting a beautiful model with a black back-drop and with just one or two lights. Make sure the aperture is turned way up so that the photograph has a natural darkness about it. Make sure the ISO isn’t up too high because you really want it dark without a lot of noise. I believe my ISO was around 400 for this shot.

If you want to shoot a sexy boudoir with a subject who is self conscious about their weight? You CANNOT go wrong with this type of shoot. You can use the shadows and Liquid Filter to sculpt out an entirely new woman if you want, and it would look perfectly natural.


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