Fashion Video


I love shooting Fashion. Usually, its because of the subtle sex appeal that I have to create.  Walking that ultra fine line between sexy and smut. However, I rarely am allowed to feel inspired by the fashions in of  themselves.

This fashion line was incredibly inspirational. In fact, this fashion line felt like a huge punch in my stomach. I never seen messages this hard, raw, real and honest. Shooting this session touched a part of me that I hated to admit existed. This fashion shoot inspired me to push myself further…darker..and more honest. Just like the fashions themselves. So I created this concept that I wanted to splice with moving imagery. I really wanted an amalgamation of these shirts, my personal demons, and my artistry. So I created this editorial styled fashion shoot, wrote a spoken word poetry piece to accompany it, and remixed it with the rock group Living Syndication from Boston. It was so well received by some friends of mine, that it’s going to be aired on a local tv program here in Philly called WatchUrMouth TV.  A fashion and gossip television show. I hope you enjoy this video and I hope I was successful in sharing with  you a dark piece of me and the incredible power of this fashion line.

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