Fashion and Composite Photography

Pink Bunny” by Savoir De Carnal

Fashion Shoot for Savoir De Carnal

MUA: Danielle Jones

Stylist: Damali

Model: Javeena Green

Photographer: Damali Conceptuals

The Concept

Savoir De Carnal’s tag line is “The sexiest bikini on earth”. In my mind, I saw bikini clad women with an outer space photo of the planet earth behind them. Naturally, you cannot shoot anybody from outer space, so composite photography needed to be used.  I realized at that moment that the need for a more “fantasy” type photo session would be required.

Fashion Photography and Composite Photography mixed?

I noticed that most fashion photography today is not shot composite style.  The reason being is the industry’s trend for more natural looking shots, so that the consumer can relate better. The other reason is because most photographers cannot control the lighting as much as they would prefer. Green Screen Composite Photography requires steady even lighting so that the screen doesn’t have any shadows on it.  I understand…I just don’t care.

I shot the model in front of a green screen with a slight “Rembrandt” styled lighting. Since I knew that I wanted to mimic a  fantasy space shoot, I needed the lighting to mimic the sun. So I had one strong soft-box to the upper left of the subject. I wanted  realism so I needed a little controlled,  overexposure on one side.

The Model

The model Javeena Green is flat out exotic sexuality at its best. Her young creamy chocolate skin and voluptuous shape are the things legends are created upon. As a rule, whenever the shoot calls for black women, I do have a strong preference for African women.  Their features are usually more striking and exotic, while still carrying the black aesthetic.

Javeena showed up on time, ready to shoot right away! She was quiet and extremely professional. I am in desperate need for a new assistant or intern which caused me to run late, setting up for the shot. So we were horrendously rushed. Javeena never lost her cool and did an incredible job delivering what I needed, without any issues or problems.

Photographers…book this young lady!! She is fantastic!!



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