Sexy Swimwear and Surrealism

Title: Perceptions

MUA: Danielle Jones

Stylist: Danielle Jones

Model: Danielle Jones

Concept: Damali Conceptuals

Photographer: Damali Conceptuals

Like most artist, I don’t usually get the luxury to actually enjoy my work. This is one of those rare times, when I was allowed to do so.

This entire shoot was experimental in nature. I shot this with a Fish Eye lens down a long and narrow driveway. I was hoping to get a more 3D  look with the photo but the results were just as amazing to me. I have been very inspired by all of the Surrealism photography that I have seen lately. Since Salvador Dali  is one of my fave artists of all time? I decided to try my hand at a little surrealism. Naturally, because I have a little freak in me, I wanted to do my surrealism with a sexy girl in a sexy swimsuit or bikini.

In the spirit of “experimentation” I decided to shoot this in a HDR style and instead of using the industry standard of PhotoShop? I decided to edit this photograph with what is supposed to be the new Picnik cloud photo editing software Pixlr.  Since everything was so experimental it was fresh and new to me. So this photograph was fun, as usual my muse Danielle Jones was fun, the weather was perfect, and from conception to editing, I was allowed to do everything different, so I got to enjoy my own art for a change.

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