Models Mayhem Fashion and Photography

Sensual Darqness

MUA: Amanda Zepka

Model: Andi Phoenix

Styled: Damali for Damali Conceptuals

Photographer: Damali for Damali Conceptuals

This shot was taken to be considered in Savoir De Carnal’s LookBook for their 2012 Summer Bikini line. Andi Phoenix is wearing a “Animality”  Zebra fur bikini bottom with a rabbit fur bolero jacket. In addition, Andi Phoenix is wearing a Submission Rabbit fur bracelet and an Insatiable Art-wear watch all by Savoir De Carnal.

Why am I writing like this? Because I wanted to give an example of what a page in a LookBook should read like. I have been coming across several LookBooks lately that just seem lazy to me. The photos are boring and un-imaginative and they have no descriptions.

This was not the first time I shot with Andi Phoenix, and I will try my very best for this not to be the last. This model is the epitome of professionalism, sensuality, and sexuality. If you wanted to sell yellow snow to an Eskimo? Put the snow in a baggie with a Prada graphic on it and have Andi Phoenix pose with it, on the shores of Monashka Bay in Alaska. You couldn’t get enough Siberian Huskies to make yellow snow for you, even if you hooked up an IV to the dogs! Andi Phoenix is just that damn sexy and good!

There is a rumor that Andi Phoenix might be moving to California soon as her career is growing, so my time with her might be drawing to a close. So some of your photographers here in the North East really need to book her soon!  I really love her on a personal level too. She has really been there for me on countless occasions and countless ways. Click on her name and you can see her portfolio on ModelMayhem.  I also have some more cool photos of her that I just posted on my Online Portfolio that you can check out by clicking on her photo below.

Savoir De Carnal Shadows

Savoir De Carnal Sensual Shadows

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