Sensuality en Darqness

Sensuality en Darqness

Model: Chanté

Mua: Chanté

Hair: Chante

Styled: Damali

Photographer: Damali for Damali Conceptuals


This is another one of my “epic” photographic projects, requiring tons of editing and details to be ironed out. This concept  is inspired by this phenomenal model‘s poem called “Pink Lace and Leather”.

Her poem had some very heavy Domination and Submissive tones within it. The model Chanté expressed an interest in doing an “Alter-ego” shoot. This type of shooting is quickly becoming my favorite type of shooting because it makes the “story telling” elements within a  photograph much more “real”.  Since one Alter Ego photograph is capable of telling a story, I came up with the concept of doing a series of them to tell the story within the context of her poem. However, instead of it being between a man and a woman ( which is what her poem was about) I wanted to shoot it between two women with her playing the role of both dominatrix and the submissive!

The poetess/model Chanté was an absolute freak of nature to me. She had never professionally modeled before but took to it like a fish to water. Chanté through herself into her characters so hardcore? That I really still don’t know who she is? I worked with her for almost 7 hours and if you asked me who she really is  or what she is about? I would have to throw you the dumbest face I can muster because I have no idea. Why? Because she is flat out that damn good!  She really freaked me out on this shoot! I watched her entire personae change when she dressed up and got into character. I predict that Chanté is going to be a powerhouse model in the Philadelphia area, and I will be doing everything I can to see that happen.

I am still in the editing process within this extensive artwork. However, I knew from the description of what we are going to do, she should be able to get some pretty sexy “character” shots out of these as well.

Meanwhile..back to photography…

So the photograph  above is an example of  Chanté’s  dominatrix character. It came out so powerful and slightly sensual in a dark way?  That this photograph quickly became one of my faves.

The photograph below is an example of her other character, the submissive. Very sexy, very innocent, very willing to please.  Chanté really nailed it!  I have some outtake photographs for you to check out if you want. Just click on the photograph below of the Submissive Girl in Pink below and it will take you to the light-box of  the other photographs.

Sexy Submissive Girl

Submissive Girl in Pink Lace



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