The Innocence in Nudity

Jameka Gordon in a vulnerable nude.


Model: Jameka Gordon

MUA: Wadeaah Salaam

Hair: Jameka Gordon

Photographer: Damali for Damali Conceptuals


I sincerely doubt that this is the first time I posted one of her photographs. The pleasurable fact is? This will not be my last!  I absolutely adored shooting this model! She is pure charisma and Oooozes sensuality out of her pores. This photograph is brilliant to me because Jameka who is usually loud and fearless when it came to confronting  her own nudity? She became quiet and reserved and most importantly? She expressed so much tender vulnerability.

I love her to death!

She had a glass of wine or two and snapped right back into her old self again about 20 minutes after I took this photograph but those 20 minutes were pure art. I chose this photo because her eyes speak volumes as to her fear of being nude but you have to applaud her drive and ambition to face her fears and still go on with the shoot.

Her eyes are just infinite tales of poetry to me in this nude photograph. Although, you have to note that I chose a photograph where you don’t actually see anything. Why? Because nude photography is an art form that I love. In this photo session, her eyes were the main focus and the nudity was a compliment to them. Usually, it is the other way around.  However, you know me? I don’t do “Usually”…LMAO!!!

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