This is to show you how different my Head Shots are

This is a Head Shot that I took of the woman who I am crushing on so hard, I want to have HER baby.

The first photo is an un-edited original. The second photo is a quick typical black en white and the third one I did with my special editing process. I made this one extra warm because I thought she was going to use them for stage acting. But you can see the clear distinction between them. If I toned down the warmth color or just removed it altogether, it would be even more metallic looking.

Some people have even claimed that it is a Sepia Photograph. You can tell that it is not a  Sepia Photograph because of the color of her eyes and the background. The whites of her eyes are still white and so is the background. A Sepia filtered photograph would turn everything into that color.

I belong to various groups on Facebook and everybody keeps asking me why do I get so much “Head Shots” business.

1. I told them that  it’s all about communications between you and the client first and foremost. At least get a brief reading of their personality, compartmentalize them, and be prepared to put that in the photo.

2. Listen to what their intent with the photo is.  For example – A stage acting head shot needs more life and yet ambiguity because it is going to require range. A TV personality Head Shot doesn’t. It needs to be captivating and grab that casting directors attention.

3. My editing process is top-secret. I could tell you…but I would have to kill you. LOL…no really, every photographer has his own process for doing Black and White photographs. We keep it a closely guarded secret, at least until we experiment and move on with something else.


Although, if you really want to know? Just hit me up. I really don’t mind sharing.

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