Ms. Incredible

Ms. Incredible and her Alter Ego Photo shoot

Model: Melanie

MUA: Lizanne

Concept: Damali

Photographer: Damali

Whew! This one was one of the hardest Alter Ego’s that I have done yet. I still made a few huge mistakes on this one. This is a really cool style of photography either invented by but minimally popularized by a Photographer out of Atlanta Georgia called Derek Banks. He is an incredible photographer and a personal inspiration to a lot of my shots because he had the balls to do something different than everybody else.  Derek Banks is THE photographer to all of the stars and celebrities like Jennifer Hudson, Usher, Beyonce, etc.

Derek Banks, typically uses green-screen chroma-keying to do his shots. I am trying not to do it that way. This was done without any green-screen technology whatsoever.

What I tried to do different was create a stationary line for proper size and depth. So I attached a wire from the ceiling of my studio and it went straight down like a plumb line. The only problem was that it crossed in front of her sometimes, so I had to do a LOT of editing to get around it. Other than the wire mishap, the experiment was a resounding success. I suggest that if any of your photographers try this with a hanging wire like I did, you might want to put some weight on the end of it, so that it goes down straighter and more true.  By using a wire from a ceiling, I can have people hand themselves a glass of water much more accurately or touch themselves with much more precision.

My daughter’s team just won a championship cheer leading competition this past weekend and I wanted to commemorate it with this. I love this little girl so damn much!



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