Ivory en Reflective Passions

The Passion in Fashion

Model: Ivory Smith

MUA: Danielle Jones

Styled: Damali

Photographer: Damali

Designer: Flawless Femmes


I captioned this one “The Passion in Fashion”. Why? Because as I look around in the magazines, television, and internet stations. With the exception of American Apparel, the fashion shoots themselves are looking less sexier!  It’s almost as if sex is out of style with fashion. I love the American Apparel website. They deliver very, very sexy photographs without being overly dramatic. It’s as if they remember that women are at their most beautiful and sexiest, when stripped down and allowed to have their feminine mystique and raw sensuality exposed. I love this photograph because it’s nothing fancy. I have two lights. One strobe on the floor, good and hard and a soft box for a Key. The rest is all woman.


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