Raelia en Sensual Beauty

Hair & Make-Up: Danielle Jones

Stylist: Damali

Photographer: Damali

Concept: Damali

Model: Raelia

This is Raelia and forget about the fact that she is 6′ 1′ of pure sex appeal. For get the fact that she can pose perfectly on a drop of a dime. Forget that she is one of the nicest people to talk to and work with. All of that means a lot but it’s nothing compared to this fact.

She is sincerely as  humble as she is beautiful, and I don’t mean in that pretentious ” Hey, watch me talk to you like you’re a real person at my level even though we both know you’re not” kind of way. I mean she smiles, she laughs, and she was enthralled with petting this annoying ass kitten at the studio.

Now you can go and scroll back to the top and soak in those 90 foot legs, perfect hips and thighs, sumptuous lips, and breasts so naturally perfect that they are a plastic surgeon’s wet dream.

Raelia is working out of Philly and NYC and I encourage anybody lucky enough to book her and work with her?? DO IT!

This photograph is a fashion swimsuit shoot that I did for Urban Illuminaté. This sexy photograph is going to be added to their LookBook under their “Naughty Bunny” collection.

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