Time to shoot some brothas…with a camera you racist bastards!

Camell Page Male Model Phenom

Philadelphia and NYC hottest trending male model Camell Page!

Photographer: Damali Conceptuals

MUA: Ernest Robinson

Model: Camell Page

Stylist: Damali

Designs: Insatiable Jeans.

Alrighty then. When I realized that this company was planning on selling top end jeans with white rabbit fur on the top and the cuffs of the jeans? I thought that I finally met my match. I figured that there is absolutely no way, I can shoot these jeans and still have it come across to both sexes as interesting or sexy. Well, I met this model at an industry  launching event called Debonairé Modeling while taping for the new TV show The Flawless Femmés.

This guy literally walked around without a shirt for almost half the night surrounded by the who’s who of this minuscule fashion  market here in Philadelphia. He was so brazen cocky and confident with enough swagger to make Jay Z tip his black Yankees jat to him, I knew I found the dude for this shoot.  I think that the important lesson in this story is how when I gave him my number he called me right back. He FOLLOWED UP with me. So he ended up being on several TV segments to be aired on Comcast and Verizon Fios.

I did this shoot at Bill Mason Studios with three soft boxes. One fill positioned about 8 feet away 90 degrees to the right. The  other two lights were placed in front about 15 feet away on an angle to the subject.

This guy was a lot of fun to shoot! He had tons of ideas, enjoyed experimenting with concepts, and he wore those jeans like he designed them himself!  Photogs, book this dude right away, you won’t be sorry!!

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