Chocolate Juice

I can't stop drooling over this woman!

Photographer: Damali Conceptuals

MUA: Flawless

Designer: Insatiable Artwear

This model was dangerous. Because no matter how much I tried to ignore the fact that this scrumptious young lady wore the (all kinds of different ) shit out of this bikini? Everything about her screams ” LOOK AT ME…DESIRE ME..LUST FOR ME…I AM PURE MAGNIFICENCE !! ”  On the outside I was cool calm and professional. On the inside?? I wanted to have HER baby!! LMAO

This shoot was as much fun as it looked. I experimented a bit with the lighting. Instead of using strobes I opted for hot lights going through bed sheets. So the entire set was one huge soft box. All of the whiteness you see around her is actually about 900 watts of lighting each. She is surrounded by these lights in back of her and another set up with sheets to her side. The other wall is a huge wall mirror and I have a soft box in front of her and up to the right with a large golden reflector on the floor at her to light up the floor and her feet.

Usually, you should have some kind of black reflection going on for detail purposes. However, I felt as though her dark creamy complexion would cause a great enough contrast that it wouldn’t be necessary.

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