Sexiness is NOT about a number…it’s about an attitude!

Angela Cross...This gorgeous single mother of two adults and a teen is outstanding!

Model: Angela Cross

MUA: Flawless

Photographer: Damali Conceptuals

Angela Cross is a single mother of two adult women and a teen girl. She has tasted some of the worst cuisines that life can serve to you and she ate it, smiled, and asked ” What the hell do you have next” ? Angela exudes such a tempting and lushes, raw, sexuality in her photos. Why? Because her attitude and confidence demands it.

This photography session( like all of my sessions) was a very educational one.  I shot her inspired by a technique from a book I read that photographer extraordinaire  Brent Morales lent me on Boudoir Photography.

In stead of using the standard strobes reflectors etc. I brought a bunch of cheap aluminum lamps.  I surrounded her with a white muslin backdrop and a white king sized bed sheet on the side. I have a huge wall mirror on the other side. I used 300 watt bulbs in each lamp and placed them behind the muslin and the bed sheets.  The light became extremely diffused and created a blown out white glow all around her. I used a strobe with a light box in front and I had a huge golden reflector placed on the side on the ground to light up her feet.

I simply took a photo of smoke, multiplied it on a layer and cloned it on the floor beneath her. This was a simple shot but to have this kind of confidence and raw sexuality? She is another incredible model, a funny and warm woman, and the sweetest mother I have shot.

I have more photos from this shoot coming in the near future…

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