The Son en Thought

Child Model Zayah modeling in Abercrombie & Fitch

This photo was shot in Myrtle Beach South Carolina during a sunset on the beach. What makes Zayah one of the most sought after child models is his effortless style. It’s like he isn’t even trying but in reality he stays very aware of the light source and the photographer’s angles. He is INCREDIBLE!!

This photo was a lot trickier than it looks. I had to put the camera 1/4 off of the sand. Because if it touched the sand, it would mess up the camera and damage it. The lighting was behind him so I had to use a flash and adjust it to work.

Shooting kids is quickly becoming my specialty. I have no idea why they respond so well to me. I’m not one of those cuddly and sweet photographers that you want to invite home to share cocoa with. However, kids love me?? This shoot was too much fun.

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