Bikinis..Bikinis..Bikinis..I love shooting women in String Bikinis

The sexual and sensual temptation that is Kiersten

Kiersten is without a doubt perfection. Why? Not only does Kiersten have this delicious and mouth water shape. Not only does Kiersten have the kind of “girl next door” face that would make Playboy magazine and Maxim Magazine blow a load in their Oatmeal. This breath taking beauty is about to start Med School!

This photo was shot in Myrtle Beach South Carolina. I shot this under a shark infested pier over there. I didn’t tell her because she was from there and I figured she already knew. ( She didn’t)  The cool thing about this shot to me is that she is actually standing up against a pier pylon. I turned my camera on an angle and shot this so that it would look like she is laying down. I just had to stress that she keeps as much of her body as possible pressed against the wooden beam.

Damn she is soooooo freakin beautiful!!

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