Sexy Ebony Goddess bathed en Candlelight

Janine en Candles and Chocolate Flesh.

No matter where you stand  Janine’s eyes will follow you!

This is one of my favorite photographs  of Janine. The concept for this photo was inspired by Ruth. In the Bible after she gleaned the fields for left-over food. She waited at the feet of the man she wanted to marry, all night long protecting him. I wanted to shoot what I wanted to wake up to in the morning protecting me.

This photograph was very difficult to shoot. I didn’t use any other light but the candle light and I used a 105 MM lens. So I had to shoot from way over the other side of the studio and it was very difficult to focus because of the lack of light on her. I decided to shoot with a low ISO again to eliminate as much noise as possible.

Janine looks so damn delicious! I called this photograph Candles and Chocolate Flesh and I cannot stop looking at her…looking at me…

2 comments on “Sexy Ebony Goddess bathed en Candlelight”

  1. Oh god yes. Great photo, beautiful woman.

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