Sexy Swimsuit Photography is So Satisfying its Sinful

The scrumptious model Kiersten in a revealing string bikini.

I met this mouthwatering morsel of magnificent beauty through model mayhem. I cannot begin to describe just how beautiful she is. Oh, and her looks are pretty damn good too! She’s a pre-med student hailing from California.

We shot this string bikini shot a lot later than I wanted to. I believe it was around 6is or 7ish and the sun was going down. My main objective was to shoot a few frames like this with a nice high sun and shoot her in this creek that ran into the ocean further down the beach. When I saw her in that bikini and the ease in which she moved into her poses, I knew I had to shoot her some more. So I talked her into shooting down under this pier too. You will see in my other photos of her from that shoot that her incredible sex appeal is a direct correlation between her smoldering body and her “Girl Next Door” looks. In fact, Kiersten is the epitome of that look that made Playboy Playmates famous.

Kiersten did a great job, she was very friendly and professional and I think I fell in love with her escort. I cannot remember her name to save my life but her country twang was so adorable, I wanted to put her in my pocket and run away to Acapulco with her.

Once again, because I was not prepared, I did not have a reflector to capitalize off of all of that light. I incorrectly assumed that a city as big as Myrtle Beach SC would have at least one photography store. Well, you know what you do when you assume?

You can find Kiersten’s portfolio on modelmayhem at:

A word of warning, I think one of her photos are NSFW but it’s censored.



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