Raw Model en Sensual Exotic Splendor

Exotic Model AeraLee from Raw

This is Aeralee, and she is a model and a manager for the local R.A.W. artist group here in Philadelphia.  Aeralee was without a doubt one of the sweetest models that I had ever had the pleasure to shoot. I made some communications mistakes with Aeralee but I learned from them and I am an even better photographer for it.  A word to the wise for other photographers. Just because the model doesn’t complain about the shoot or the wardrobe, it doesn’t mean she really wants to do it. Make sure you go over the wardrobe very clearly!

This photo was actually a test shot for a really beautiful shoot that I did with her and El Poeta. This was the first black light photo shoot I had ever done. I wanted to shoot this with a lower ISO to cut down on the noise. So I had to turn the shutter way down. I think it was almost 20 seconds! So the models had to stay very very still in order to pull it off. I imagine they were bored out of their skulls when compared to other shoots they had done. However, I really wanted to experiment and this photo shows that it was a resounding success!

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