Sexy Fashion Runway Photography

These are a few photos from Philly Fashion Week. 

Working the Catwalk in Philly Fashion Week

I wish that I knew this model’s name. When I tried to talk to her afterwards to obtain her name, she blew me off.  This should be a lesson for all up and coming models. Unless your name is Tyra Banks or Giselle? Don’t blow anybody off! Especially, if that idiot has a Nikon Camera strapped around his/her neck.

I did a focus effect on this photo. So that everything else is blurry with the exception of the model and her clothes. Not usually done in Run-way photography but I hate RULES!!

Philadelphia Fashion Week

Here she is...mystery Model X ...Strutting her sexy ass down the runway

You Decide….

Philadelphia Fashion Week

Model X reveals her breasts...but not her name?

At the time this happened. My mentor put his camera down. He told me that “Real Photographers” do not take photos of wardrobe malfunctions. First,  I said it once and I will say it again…FUCK THE RULES!!  Second, I sincerely did not believe and I still do not believe that it was a wardrobe malfunction!

It looked way to orchestrated and I have been to fashion shows where the women were supposed to bare their breasts. I think my mentor is just way too stuck up to know any better. What do you think? I made this collage for you to see all of the photos together. Does it looked staged to you or a legitimate wardrobe malfunction?

Philadelphia Fashion Week

Model X..Strutting her sexy stuff and exposing her breasts at Philly Fashion Week

This whole things reeks of orchestrated breast baring choreography to me. I think it was supposed to shock and get all of us photographer’s and buyers attention while simultaneously getting her more work.

Guess what? IT WORKED!

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